Spare parts of Mitsubishi Purifier

Simple Description

Due to excellent quality and good global after-sales service system, Mitsubishi purifier earns many customers. In Chinese market, RMT plays a key role and commits to serving to the demands of shipowners and shipyards with sufficient spare parts inventory in Japan, rapid response to inquiry, high quality after-service and professional engineer team.

Sufficient Spare Parts Inventory in Japan

In order to ensure the vessel navigating in a good working condition, and to be satisfied with the demands of so many customers, we always stock sufficient spare parts in the warehouse in Japan. Detailed type of purifiers refers to the following table.

Rapid Response to Inquiry

As the wholly-owned subsidiary of MKK, RMT is in charge of the sales business on purifiers and spare parts in Chinese Market. We are sharing the database and quotation system of spare parts with HQ in Japan, which is useful for completing the quotation in China and promoting the speed of response.

High Quality After-Service and Professional Engineer Team

The worldwide after-sales service network of Mitsubishi purifiers enables troubles shooting and repairing works be completed quickly.