Young Filter

Simple Description

The Mitsubishi Young Filter is a single-chamber continuous drum filter. Compared with conventional multi-chamber filters, it delivers superior filtration and cake-washing performance and with the features below covers a wide range of applications.


  • 1. High filtration performance owing to single chamber drum of porous design and large cross-section area of filtration pipes.
  • 2. Superior cake wash performance.
  • 3. Rotational speed of the drum can be increased to boost filtration capacity.
  • 4. The fitting of an agitator increases filtration capacity while reducing utility consumption.
  • 5. Cake is separated by intermittently vibrating the loosely mounted filter cloth using blow-back air from inside the drum and allows recovery of cake as thin as 1 mm.
  • 6. Almost no clogging of filter cloth thanks to constantly exposed to blow-back air, the filter cloth clogs less and lasts longer than other types of filter.
  • 7. The simple structure and small number of component parts make the Young Filter easy to maintain and well-suited to continuous operation.

Model Parameter

Structural Drawing

1.圆筒 2.中心管 3.阀片 4.主轴承 5.管架 6.料浆接收槽 7.框架 8.滤饼排放口 9.速度可调减速器 10.滤饼冲洗管 A.料浆 B.滤液 C.滤饼 D.逆喷气体


  • Chemical industry: Pure terephthalic acid (PTA), resin polymers, chemical fiber raw materials, BPA, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals, organic acids, metallic hydroxides, dye intermediates, calcium carbonate, pulverized coal.
  • Fertilizer industry: Phosphogypsum, ammonium sulfate.
  • Gunpowder industry: Nitrocellulose.
  • Metal working industry: Ores, aluminum hydroxide, cryolite, carbon.
  • Food processing industry: Starches, oils and fats.
  • Pulp industry: Kraft pulp, ground pulp, dregs, waste liquids, lignin, chlorine dioxide.。