Mitsubishi Drum Filter

Simple Description

  • 1. The Mitsubishi Drum Filter is a conventional cylindrical multi-chamber continuous rotary vacuum filter (Oliver filter). It is suitable for collecting large quantities of filter cakes and recovering clarified liquid filtered through pre-coating, and is widely used in fields such as conventional chemistry, metals, mining, food, pulp and drainage. According to the properties of the filter cake, we propose the most suitable method for removing the filter cake, so as to improve the collection efficiency of the filter cake.
  • 2. This product improves the maintainability of filter cloth installation, etc.
  • 3. It is a low-speed rotating machine that rotates several times per minute. Its operation is always stable, easy to operate and maintain which can save labor.


  • 1. Suited to all types of filtration.
  • 2. Cake washing is highly effective ,washing liquid can be separated and recovered.
  • 3. By blowing back from inside the drum to intermittently vibrate the loosely mounted filter cloth and strip the cake. Even the thin dewatered cake can be recovered.
  • 4. No clogging in the filter cloth. The filter cloth is kept vibrating by the constant introduction of blowback air and so is less liable to clogging and the service life is longer than other types of filter.
  • 5. Easy maintenance, it is suitable for continuous operation.


  • General chemical industry: Cement slurry, inorganic matter, resin polymers, pharmaceuticals, organic acids, dye intermediates, industrial chemicals, calcium carbonate, yeast.
  • Metalworking industry: Titanium oxide, ferrous oxide, alumina, magnesium hydroxide, heavy metals.
  • Food processing industry: Oils & fats, starches, sugar manufacture, soya sauce, vitamins.
  • Pulp industry: Dregs, lime mud.
  • Drainage: The conduct about sewage and human excrement , sludge and waste oils of factories.

Structural Drawing