Mitsubishi Dis Separator

Simple Description

Mitsubishi Disc Separator is a centrifugal separator which can separate solid matter from  two kinds of different density liquids on a continuous basis and also to separate two liquids simultaneously. By reducing process cycle time and labor requirements, these separators offer high cost efficiency in liquid clarification and reclamation, solid-liquid separation and its classification, recovery and thickening of solids and in other such processes.


  • 1. Centrifugal separation requiring no filter media.
  • 2. High reliability drive train system backed by delivery of over 1,000 units a year.
  • 3. Bowl design with superior separation performance and with good response to discharge loads.
  • 4. Pilot valve regulates total/partial discharge of solids.
  • 5. Super partial discharger (option) minimizes liquid loss and maximizes thickening of solid fraction for discharge.
  • 6. Vibration-proof design realizes long working life.
  • 7. Full automation possible with PLC automatic control panel.

Model Parameter


  • Chemical industry

    Classification of carbon, bentonite, calcium carbonate; Solid-liquid separation of calcium oxide, aluminum hydroxide; Liquid-liquid separation of water and solvents, different solvents, oils /fats and water; Thickening of metal residue, pigments, resins.

  • Food processing and pharmaceutical industries

    Deacidification , degumming, rinsing process of vegetable oils and fats; Recovery of oils, fats and proteins from animal fats; Clarification of fruit juices, wine and other drinks; Cell separation, yeast recovery.

  • Environmental conservation

    Biodiesel purification and solid-liquid separation; Oil-water separation and solid matter removal in oil and water-based coolants; Purification of effluent and waste oil in various industry.