Mitsubishi Dynamic Crossflow Filtration DyF312/36D

Simple Description

It was developed for satisfying the requirement of large-scale mass production for the customers who have already used the DyF152 series of advanced machines. It can fully recover high value-added products, prevent foreign matter from being mixed in, ensure easy inspection operations, and improve functionality. Applicable markets have expanded from the field of electronic materials and fine chemicals to the fields of food, beverage, biochemical, and pharmaceutical.


  • Large capacity processing

    The newly developed large-scale ceramic plate has a processing capacity that is approximately 8 times higher than that of the previous model, and the space for installation of the device is also reduced.

  • Easy to operate

    The horizontal model is more convenient for opening and closing the filter room. Cleaning and inspection inside the filter chamber is easier, so it is more suitable for food and biochemical fields where product quality is important.

  • Easier maintenance

    A stack of nine separator plates is used. Since the ceramic filter disc exchange operation is easy, maintenance time can be shortened and production performance can be improved.

Model Parameter


  • Chemistry

    Cosmetic pigments, polyethylene particles, hydroxides, polymers, silica, titanium oxide, medical materials, photocatalyst raw materials, nanocellulose.

  • Metals

    electronic materials, battery materials, recycling of high value-added products.

  • Food

    beverages, food materials.

  • Others

    Concentration and separation of microparticle stock solution, cooling liquid recovery, oiling liquid recovery, waste liquid treatment.