Mitsubishi Schneider Filter

Simple Description

The Mitsubishi Schneider Filter is a new type of pressurized filter comprising a stack of plates with each plate covered with filter paper or filter cloth. The slurry is fed into filtration chamber of each plate through inlet manifold and hose and then it is filtrated under the pressure given by the mechanical jack mounted on the top of filtering unit. The cake is formed on the surface of filter paper or filter cloth on each filter plate whilst the filtrated liquid is discharged through the hose and manifold of discharge side. Once the filtration cycle is completed the plate stack is opened and the cake is automatically removed.

Forming uniform cake, the horizontal plates allow precision filtering and the Mitsubishi Schneider Filter is used principally to recover clear filtrate. It can also be used for the recovery of the solids from low density slurry and also in the treatment of high viscosity liquids.

The Mitsubishi Schneider Filter is an innovative and labor-saving filter that realizes automatic replacement of the filter paper during filtration, formerly considered a very time consuming process, and as such it lends itself to full-scale factory automation


  • 1. Automatic filter paper replacement saves labor requirements.
  • 2. Ideal for consistent precision filtration because its horizontally arranged plate stack ensures a uniform cake formation.
  • 3. Allows uniform pre-coating with a small volume of filter aid like diatom earth or adsorption agent.
  • 4. A special sealing mechanism prevents leakage from the filtration plates.
  • 5. Suitable for large-volume filtration.
  • 6. Independent filtration chamber at each plate (standard filtration area: 1 m2) facilitates cake drying.
  • 7. The combination of different types of filter paper and filter aid realizes a wide range of filtration solutions for different applications.
  • 8. No need of treatment of remained liquid when operation is over.
  • 9. Allows simultaneous filtration of two or more different feed liquids.
  • 10. Use of pre-cut filter paper saves running costs.



  • 1. Precision filtration of high-viscosity liquid: High-viscosity resin liquid, silicone oil, emulsifier, surfactant, polypropylene glycol, epoxy resin, fluorocarbon resin, fatty acid ester, green tea extract, pigment, agricultural chemical raw material, activated carbon, radioactive waste, organic solvent, strong acid solution, food processing, carbon, grinding water, cleaning solution, pharmaceutical bulk drug and intermediate, cosmetics, and more.
  • 2. Filtration of coolant oil for metal rolling: Aluminum sheet, aluminum foil, copper, stainless steel, aluminum and steel can.