Mitsubishi Horizontal Veneer Type Pressure and vacuum filter

Simple Description

The filter is a single-plate pressure filter (or vacuum filter) in which the filter material (filter cloth and metal mesh) is installed on a horizontal filter plate inside the sealed container. Equipped with a special stirring blade, which can be moved up and down by a hydraulic cylinder. This device can efficiently perform filtering, cake compaction, cake washing, drying and cake discharge.

In each process, time setting, pressure adjustment, and stirring operations are performed according to the characteristics of the original solution, which can obtain excellent filtration and washing effects, and is suitable for recycling high-quality products.


  • 1. The completely sealed structure is suitable for handling dangerous materials, etc., and there is no risk of foreign materials entering from the outside.
  • 2. In order to effectively remove impurities, in addition to replacement washing with a rinsing solution, the filter cake may be subjected to re-dispersion washing. Through repeated cleaning, the desired cleaning effect can be achieved.
  • 3. The operation method of pressure filtration or vacuum filtration is selected according to the nature of the processed material, which is more economical and safe to operate.
  • 4. Automatic, save labor.
  • 5. Both air drying and vacuum drying can be used. If the product temperature is limited, more effective drying can be performed by vacuum drying.


  • Chemistry: automotive, electronic materials, etc., and various high-performance resins, dyes, pigments, pesticides, etc.
  • Food: fats, juice drinks, etc.
  • Metal: recovery of precious metals, strong acid syrup, etc.

Process Flow