Mitsubishi Dynamic Crossflow Filtration

Simple Description

DyF focuses on solving the problems in the production of nanoparticle turbid liquid products.

  • 1. It is smallest in the industry and can meet the needs of small samples.
  • 2. Efficient filtration of difficult-to-filter stock solutions.
  • 3. High concentration, efficient particle cleaning and solvent replacement.
  • 4. Corresponds to explosion-proof function, and is suitable for a variety of solvents.
  • 5. Filter media can be reused.


  • 1. The rotation of the disk inhibits the formation of the cake layer that causes filtration problems.
  • 2. The high concentration recovery of nanoscale fine particles and the recovery of clarified filtrate can be carried out.
  • 3. The filtration rate can be recovered by a short time backflushing to maintain high efficiency filtration characteristics.
  • 4. Automatic control of slurry cleaning and solvent replacement.


  • Chemistry

    Cosmetic pigments, polyethylene particles, hydroxides, polymers, silica, titanium oxide, medical materials, photocatalyst raw materials, nanocellulose.

  • Metals

    electronic materials, battery materials, recycling of high value-added products.

  • Food

    beverages, food materials.

  • Others

    Concentration and separation of microparticle stock solution, cooling liquid recovery, oiling liquid recovery, waste liquid treatment.


  • 1. Supply the microparticle stock solution into the filter chamber.
  • 2. The rotating ceramic filter disc separates the clarified liquid from the fine particles.
  • 3. Recover the clear liquid separated by the ceramic filter plate through the rotating shaft.
  • 4. The concentrated liquid (fine particles) enclosed in the filter chamber is discharged through the discharge valve and recovered.

Model Parameter

Disk Aperture

Flow Chart